Change vs. Innovation

Last year, at Localization World Dublin, many insisted that the buzzword for the next future in the industry would be ‘change.’ At the ATC Conference 2015 in Manchester, almost all speakers talked about change. Most of them, though, seemed to confuse change with innovation. In fact, while ‘to change’ means to make/become different, to replace with another, ‘to innovate’ means to do something in a new way. So, there could be innovation without any substantial change, just like one could change also deeply without innovating. Paula Shannon charmed the floor with quips and jokes renewing an old presentation. But the only take-away from her speech would probably be just a now well-known video clip on voice-recognition technology, unless one considers “use your own business data on customers to develop new services” as a take-away. She also brought in ATMs as an example of disrupting innovation although they were patented back in 1960 in the US, and are more a case of sustaining innovation. Clayton Christensen and disrupting innovation were at the core of Anne-Marie Colliander Lind’s presentation, too. She also brought in KPIs as a real innovation for most LSPs — because still very few seem to measure their business performances […]

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Author: Luigi Muzii

Luigi Muzii