sQuid helps customers with process optimization, the selection, implementation and customization of tools for technical writing and human and machine translation that best meet their needs, and with information, document, and knowledge management systems and processes within the translation process.

sQuid’s service offering is focused on four main areas:

  1. Processes
    • Analysis of tasks and procedures;
    • Integration of authoring processes and tools with corporoate processes;
    • Advising in the definition of specialized communication quality systems;
    • Training for specialized communication;
  2. Authoring
    • Authoring of user manuals;
    • Authoring of business and corporate documentation;
  3. Translation and terminology
    • Advising for the implementation of translation environments;
    • Development and management of terminological databases;
    • Development of customized controlled languages;
    • Building of bilingual corpora and translation memories;
    • Customization of machine translation engines;
    • Definition of specification requirements for the post-editing of machine translation;
    • Step by step advising for machine translation project management.
  4. Continuing education and training
    • Educational counseling;
    • Instructional design;
    • Classroom and distance learning courses;
    • Training material development.