In 1995, FrancoAngeli published La redazione dei documenti tecnici, one of the first technical writing manuals in Italian. The book is out of print, but you may ask the author an electronic copy.

In 2011, Lulu published Taccuino barbaro, an annotated selection of posts for “Il barbaro”, a blog on specialized communication.

In 2012, Lulu published A Contrarian’s View on Translation Standards, on one of the most debated topic in the translation industry. The book is available for free in PDF format from this website

In 2016, Lulu published Post-editing of machine translation for project managers (no longer availale), a small guide to one of the most challenging tasks for translation project managers.

In 2018, a book has been published including all the articles and the presentations of the last ten years. The book is titled Upstream; it is available for free in PDF format from this website, or, for a symbolic price, in ebook format from the Kindle store. A traditional paperback edition is also available from the Amazon book store.



La redazione dei documenti tecnici Taccuino barbaro A Contrarian's View on Translation Standards Post-editing of Machine Translation for Project Managers Upstream