When butterflies dream of electric sheep

When I attended translation courses, I was assigned to write a commentary on George F. Will’s column Reading, Writing and Rationality on the Newsweek issue of March 17, 1986. Even then, with no Internet, and television as the dominant media, students were urged to read. That day, green activists were giving a demonstration of solar energy applications in a public park near the school, and our professor opened his lesson with a witty comment about the experiment he had witnessed during his lunch break. He said he would never be in favor of solar energy because he liked well-cooked eggs… The history of innovation is full of inventors and manufacturers unable to understand the impact and actual use of their own work. Similarly, most innovations do not necessarily use the most recent and sophisticated technology, with their makers showing an outstanding capacity of interpreting and accelerating the transformations that are already underway. Therefore, the introduction and possibly widespread use of a tool does not necessarily involve a deminutio capitis. Now imagine you are driving on a highway when a big-rig truck closes in behind you until you see in your rear mirror that there is no driver in the cockpit: […]

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Author: Luigi Muzii

Luigi Muzii