PE4PM Guide in Russian

The companion guide for the TAUS online course of post-editing for project managers is now available also in Russian.

The Russian version of the guide has been made by Plus Translation, a localization firm based in Saint Petersburg, founded and directed by Svetlana Svetova.

A Portuguese and a Spanish version are underway.

The course and its companion guide have been designed to help vendors meet the post-editing demand by addressing the challenges that project managers should face when they are assigned a post-editing job.

All print versions of the guide contain a discount code for the online course.

Buyers of the TAUS online course of post-editing for project managers will receive the e-book version of the companion guide free of charge as a premium in the language of choice and be entitled to have their course exercises checked and commented by the author. Also, if completing the final test, they will also receive the TAUS Certification.

Author: Luigi Muzii

Luigi Muzii