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Eugène Ionesco

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The sQuid blog is not a content marketing tool, but an industry commentary, a collection of independent macroanalyses and innovation hypotheses at the core of the consulting, analysis and research services that, usually, all major consulting companies record in reports that are then sold for hundreds of euros.

It is not true that the best things in life are free. Those who  hypocritically continue to advocate it are possibly also those who impudently keep asking others to share everything, always and strictly for free, while they are always very careful to protect their rights and collect their royalties, exploiting  someone else’s work, perhaps passing it off as theirs, without any restraint. And you don’t need to be Jaron Lanier or Edward Snowden to see that, thirty years after the birth of the World-Wide Web and twenty years after the birth of the Web 2.0, there is no trace left of the original spirit of the Internet and of Tim Berners-Lee’s dream, and that the very idea of “commons” is dead too.

Author: Luigi Muzii

Luigi Muzii