Upstream (e-book cover)While entering 2018, I have finalized the project of collecting all my articles, blog posts and presentations of the last ten years in a book, to provide an outlook of the changes occurred in translation.

I am honored to say that Kirti Vashee accepted to write a preface.

The book is titled Upstream: The everyday observation of the translation industry from an overly critical standpoint, and it is available in different formats.

The book contains 16 articles, 12 presentations, and 64 blog posts for 540 pages; it also contains 7 pages of bibliography—actually “suggested readings”—and 42 pages of ending notes.

The e-book in ePUB format can be downloaded for free from the Kobo store.

A Kindle version is available, for a symbolic price, from Amazon’s Kindle Store. Since the book’s content is mostly already available online for free, the price only covers publishing and distribution costs.

A traditional paperback version is also available from the Amazon book store. Again, the price only covers publishing and distribution costs.

Finally, a print-ready PDF version is available, for free, from this website. Visitors are required to fill in a form with their name and e-mail to allow me to keep trace of requests. The file will be sent to the address specified in the form.

Since Christmas 2017, also the e-book version of Taccuino barbaro, a selection of posts from my old blog “Il barbaro” (in Italian,) and A Contrarian’s View on Translation Standards are available for free.

For the other publications, go to the relevant page on this website.


Author: Luigi Muzii

Luigi Muzii